Values-Aligned Proprietary Models

Large Cap Core, Global ex-US, International Developed, and Bond strategies deploying proprietary methodology for fund and security selection against a wide array of ESG criteria (Religious, Sustainability, DE&I criteria, etc.)

Multi-Asset Class Diversified Portfolios

Leveraging the Firm's proprietary process, multi-asset class institutional- quality portfolios are assembled utilizing separately managed and third-party managed offerings.

Customized Direct Indexing

Client's identify a benchmark or portfolio composite and leveraging our proprietary methodology and portfolio construction software, a customized portfolio of between 50-1000 securities is created.

Asset Consulting

Review and render reports and opinions on third-party firms, portfolios, or managers.

White-Label Investment Advisory & Sub-Advisory Services

On behalf of fund sponsors, establish and operationalize co-mingled investment vehicles including ETFs, Mutual Funds, Collective Investment Trusts, UCITS, and private investment vehicles.


A proprietary risk-based series of investment models ranging from conservative to unconstrained growth, comprised of individually selected securities and curated third-party funds designed to reflect investmentsthat are thoughtful around their engagement with women.


Chief Investment Officer, Jason Britton, set out to understand how a world that creates more food than it needs, has more wealth now than at any point in human history, and has technological advancements never even imagined, could still have poverty, racism, gender wage gap, and complicated social constructs.

Jason received his undergraduate degree in business from Georgetown and went on to complete financial services training at Yale. He dug into what would need to happen to bring global socio-economic prosperity and equality.

The research was clear: Invest in women.

50% of the population are women. In most developing nations women are both the solitary caregiver as well as the single source for agricultural products/nutrition for their families. In the developed world (US) women are more than 50% of undergrad and graduate degrees, significant (or even majority) of both associate roles at law firms and on Wall Street, but when you fast forward 10 years, they are less than 20% of partners in either. Why?

Because they take time away to perpetuate our species and provide life, nurturing, and sustenance to our future. For this, they take unpaid leave, are passed over, and make a maximum of 80 cents on the dollar.

Jason has spent his career dedicated to the math and the cause. He is a prolific writer and speaker and his grand thesis?

Investing in women - individually, collectively, as business owners, as consumers - is the single greatest untapped market in our world.

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